About Me

Whisk and a SmileI often find myself saying that if I could spend my entire day baking I would be incredibly happy. So, in my spare time, that’s exactly what you’ll find me doing. For me, baking has always been a welcome creative outlet and tends to be my artform of choice. Edible art, what’s not to love about that?

I’m that girl with flour on my face and a camera in my hands. Before anyone gets to bite into their food, I’m busy arranging the perfect layout. I love food styling and probably spend too much time trying to capture the best light and ideal angle. Don’t worry, my growling stomach usually snaps me back to reality. I love sharing with my friends and family and have even been known to make early morning muffin deliveries. Because, hey, sharing is caring.

This site is simply a place for me to share my story and photos with you and help point you in the right direction if any of these recipes happen to catch your eye. Happy baking!


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