Linzer Cookies

When I first made these cookies, it was right around Valentine’s Day, and I happened to be snowed in at my apartment. Snowpocalypse 2014 had hit Portland. While others were out cross country skiing and sledding through the neighborhoods, I was excited for an opportunity to do nothing but bake. There was something about the crisp white layers hanging from the trees and covering the streets that put me back in the Christmas spirit. These Linzer cookies were the perfect baking project and happened to satisfy both holiday spirits (Cupid and Santa would be proud).


The heart shape and jam filled centers made them fitting for Valentine’s Day and the dusting of powdered sugar echoed the snow falling outside my window. Not to mention the overall comfort and deliciousness that shortbread cookies always seem to provide. Yup. These were the right choice.

As you’re reading, it’s probably neither Christmas or Valentine’s and you may be wondering why I’m still posting this. Don’t let the season stop you from making these heavenly hearts. The shortbread and jam combination balance one another without being overly rich, while the dusting of powdered sugar adds just the right amount of sweetness. Plus there’s jam in the middle which makes this a perfectly acceptable breakfast item, right? Move over toast. These Linzer cookies are coming through! But seriously, pair them with your coffee or tea for some extra pep in your morning step. Also, why not spread love all year long? Cheers to happy hearts.

For the full recipe and step by step instructions, head on over to Jaclyn’s Cooking Classy blog. Thanks Jaclyn!


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